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Our company operating since 1975 in the manufacturing chain on industrial cooling systems every year, making innovations and technological developments and the advantage of Turkey's economy as well as positive customer services. Ice Skating Fields in Turkey, which is popular for refrigerated chiller can operate evaparation minus 20oC (mono ethylene glycol and industrial circulation chillers are the complete package type) of productions since 2007, has manufacturing, both domestic and international markets, are particularly preferred.
Industrial Water Cooling Chiller productions productions and classical capacities since 1985, continues. Each year, new models and technological developments and to catch European standards, or even going through. From abroad by the exceptional quality of our products is characterized by süpervizorlar.
Industrial type cold stores, freezer rooms, cold storage rooms, prefabricated panel production quality policy is customer based on package type. Our customers ice cream factories, abattoirs slaughter house and meat, fish, poultry and similar products, milk and dairy products, vegetables and fruits are storage facilities for materials such as housing.
Water Cooling Towers and customer-facing innovations in the production of our company every year in this regard is the preferred company in Turkey and overseas markets. The principle of customer satisfaction, as well as water cooling towers, forced draft counter-flow Water Towers (especially in industrial plants 100,000 / 1.5 million kcal / h capacity) and is at the forefront of the production of double-stage towers. Return water systems where high temperatures are particularly preferred dual-stage towers.
Our company is manufacturing products other than standard designs and manufacturing the products according to customer demands is a special productions. Among them, the Cold Hot test chambers, vehicle cooling, such as equipment for the pharmaceutical and medical products are a lot more. Require any special manufacturing and design of heating, cooling and ventilation, as well as on the productions in the making of this type of equipment, maintenance and repair of
Company policy is to run smoothly, and the most affordable price and selling high quality equipment manufactured cheaply by following the next emerging technology with the least energy-efficient systems is maximum. Because the scarce energy resources and taking into account the ever-increasing energy costs to manufacture the basic amaçlarımızdandır. In this context, developing technology, new materials and manufacturing methods have been following and applying the appropriate ones in our products.
Decreasing our country and our world which aims to use resources in the most efficient manner and in accordance with these principles, our company productions, thanks to the confidence of our customers every day to us in developing and walks forward.
The largest natural source of water, we put our technology. Did you take up particles has cooled. Argelerimizle evolving every day to achieve the better will be your references.


Organization, quality, occupational health and safety and environmental management systems established on the basis of the Integrated Management System ISISO continuously improve the effectiveness and development of the set goals and meeting these objectives will make at least 2 times each year to review the performance and effectiveness of our system constantly improves.

Sector holds the highest level of quality, our service to meet customer demands and expectations about the standards and fully abide by the legislation. Our employees are our most valuable asset, in order to ensure their health and safety risks by evaluating all the necessary measures to implement and work for continuous improvement of the system.

Our sensitivity to the environment as an indicator of the main targets;

- Determining the environmental impact of our operations to avoid contamination and the risk of accidents,
- Effective waste management process, allowing to minimize the amount of waste,
- Increase the rate of recycling, efficient use of natural resources and energy.

The correct understanding of the demands and expectations of our customers to provide services to the production and try to go beyond them. Satisfaction of our customers and our organization in order to increase confidence in the quality of products and services combine with the philosophy of continuous improvement, technical and technological developments closely following the manufacturing and services comply with our house. Integrated Management System, the most important resources, guidance and trainings to improve the knowledge and skills of human resources planning, we ensure their participation in the system.