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Duct Type Air Handling Units

AIR COOLED ROOF TYPE PACKAGE A/C UNIT • Hermetic or semi-hermetic compressor (R407C) • Air cooled condenser, copper pipe aluminium lamel, • Quiet, trembleless radial and axial fan, • Does not effected from cold, rain and wind, • Complete electrostatic oven-painted body • Strong enduring steel chassis and lids, • Economizer gas and liquid control, • Gas control with Expansion valve , • Automatic capacity control system, • Control with four ways selenoid valve, • Automatic defrost control, • Extra oil separator, • Heat control with digital thermostate, • Full automatic electric panel, DUCT TYPE ROOF TOP DEVICE • ISISO – ALASKA RT series Rooftop devices are to be split or package type, designed and manufactured to be efficient at different climate conditions. And mounted on a flat surface. • ISISO – ALASKA RT series A/C devices have between 17 KW – 140 KWs capacities in standart types and special designes can be made according to capacities desired. • ISISO – ALASKA RT series Rooftop A/C devices are manufactured and then all of the parts are mounted, electric and cooling cicuits are connected and gas charge is done then the device is put 100% quality tests. • Before delivery, the device will passed all quality tests, be ready for duct connection flanges and energy connection and ready for montage. • ISISO - ALASKA RT series Rooftop A/C devices enables capacity control with separate cooling circuits via hermetic compressors. GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS • ISISO - ALASKA RT series Rooftop A/C devices equipped with; high-efficiency evaporator and condenser coils, evaporator and condenser fans and other flow control devices, engine and compressor protective devices. • All these equipment ensure long-life and enduring of ISISO - ALASKA RT series Rooftop A/C devices. • To obtain a more functional complete air conditioning device Optional accessories offered to the customer. EXTRA FEATURES OF ALASKA RT SERIES DEVICE DIFFERENT FROM IT’S EQUIVALENTS • Vibration absorvers • Liquid holder and mid cooler tank • Automatic feed-back oil separator • Desired pressure with self motored radial fan • Manometer, thermometer and fault detection panel which device operation can be observed outside. ALASKA RT series Rooftop A/C devices features are as follows; • Can be installed everywhere easily as package. • Low energy consumption and energy saving. • Ease of handling and lightness. • Does not need an extra installation room. • High quality and endurance: • All the pipe fitouts and electricty connections are tested in ISISO quality control lines at 100 % level. • Separate cooling devices in hermetic compressors. • Ability to choose the most suitable fan and circuit component with the help of computer to decide the evaporator and condenser designs to gain max. efficiency. • Convenient to world standarts all materials are choosed CE signed. • Hot water heating coil for mixing return air with the fresh air or empty cells can be added to electric heaters. • Totally closed, B class isolated, min IP44 protection condenser and evaporator fan motors, • Standart multi-function control panel- accesuaries can be connected to the same panel if desired. • Clean room applications with hepa filter if desired. AREAS OF USE: • MEETING AND CONFERENCE ROOMS, • BANK BRANCHES, • SCHOOLS - COURSES, • PRINTING HAUSE AND PRINTING MACHINERY, • HIPER AND SUPER MARKETS, • HOSPITALS AND CLINICS, • TEST LABROTORIES, • HYGENIC CLEAN ROOMS, • HOTELS- LOBBIES, • OFFICE AND BUSINESS, • CONSTRUCTION SITE BUILDINGS, • DATA PROCESSING ROOMS, • SPECIAL MANUFACTURING, • TEXTILE - FOOD - DRUG INDUSTRY, • FLOWER AND PLANT GREENHOUSES, • CHICKEN- MEAT CUTTING ROOM, • RESTAURANTS - DINING HALLS.