ISISO Industrial Refrigeration

Chiller Cooling, Water Cooling

ISISO Endüstriyel Soğutma - Endüstriyel Chiller

Industrial Chiller Cooling

Industrial Chiller Specifications:

  • Screw or semi-hermetik compressor,
  • Air or water cooled condenser
  • Plate type or pipe type functional chiller,
  • Quiet, tremble-free axial fan group,
  • Centrifuge pump with mechanical gasket,
  • Does not effected by cold rain and wind,
  • Complete electrostatic powder painted body,
  • Strong, durable steel case and doors,
  • Econimizer gass and liquid control,
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ISISO Endüstriyel Soğutma - Akümülasyonlu Chiller

Accumulation Chiller Cooling

Accumulation Chiller Features:

  • R 22 / R 502 / R 404A
  • Hermetic compressor
  • Stainless stell plate heat exchanger
  • Mobile package type with wheels
  • Complete epoxy paint
  • Quiet and untrembled operation
  • Digital control panel
  • Fault and operation detection
  • Fuse/ contactor/thermic
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ISISO Endüstriyel Soğutma - Mini Chiller

Mini Chiller Cooling

Mini Package Chiller Uses:

  • Mold cooling,
  • Printing house systems,
  • Film, print and pattern systems,
  • Pump calibration devices
  • Laboratory devices
  • Bread factories
  • Electric panel cooling
  • Air Conditioning systems
  • Electrostatic painting systems
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ISISO Endüstriyel Soğutma - Su Soğutma Kulesi - Aksiyal Fanlı

Axial Fan for Water-Cooling Towers

Axial Fan for Water-Cooling Towers:

  • Water Cooling Tower with Axial Fan
  • Cooling Towers addresses multi-purpose systems.
  • Plastic injection mold and oil cooling,
  • Cast-iron melting, induction cookers and panels,
  • HEAT operation, Senventasyon, induction,
  • Injection molding, vacuum annealing, sand blasting,
  • Composite products mold cooling,
  • Textile and printing facilities,
  • Air conditioning systems water-cooled condensers,
  • Cooling of the water in industrial applications,
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ISISO Endüstriyel Soğutma - Su Soğutma Kulesi - Vakup Tip

Water Cooling Tower Vacuum Type

Water Cooling Tower Operating System:

  • Vacuum Type Water Cooling Tower
  • Body of the unit is made of galvanized sheet to obtain resistance to rust and lime. When lime and layer accurs, do the mechanical cleaning without harming the galvanize. Definitely do not use chemicals that can harm galvanized. To obtain chemicals to clean without harming the galvanize, seek help from our firm.
  • Check the water level of water filling and gauges to prevent obstruction or tripping caused by dirt or lime as there can often be overflows. Definitely do not blunt the overflow pipe. Remove and Clean the water level hose occasionally if you do not you water level
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ISISO Endüstriyel Soğutma - Klima Santrali

Duct Type Air Handling Units

Air Cooled Industrial Air Conditioning

  • Hermetic or semi-hermetic compressor (R407C)
  • Air cooled condenser, copper pipe aluminium lamel,
  • Quiet, trembleless radial and axial fan,
  • Does not effected from cold, rain and wind,
  • Complete electrostatic oven-painted body
  • Strong enduring steel chassis and lids,
  • Economizer gas and liquid control,
  • Gas control with Expansion valve ,
  • Automatic capacity control system,
  • Control with four ways selenoid valve,
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