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Mini Chiller

SPECIAL NOTES: ALL OF THE PLATE TYPE MINI CHILLER DEVICES ARE PACKAGE, CAN BE USED MOBILE. THERE ARE INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURES EXCEPT OF THE DEVICES ABOVE CALL OUR FIRM FOR DIFFERENT EVAPORATION CAPACITIES CAN BE USED EVERYWHERE COLD WATER NEEDED IDEAL FOR CLOSED CIRCUITS. THE NEW BRAND R 134 A / R 404 A / R 407 GASES ARE USED. CAN HEAT WATER UP TO +25° C IF DESIRED (SPECIAL DESIGN) Mini Package Chiller Technical Specifications The units that can be used 10°C / +25°C stable temperatures are designed to be completely mobile, aesthetic, package in electrostatic painted cabin. The easy –to –use and the quality of the material used are designed after a 2 years of R&D and manufacturing for the benefit of the customers since 2009. These units are from +90°C to +10°C’ even to -10°C / -15°C served for our customers needs and they are succesfully operational In production line; pool type accumulation type heat collecting or plate type sudden heat exchanger are complete with pump, control systems with digital panel for protection and operation functions The devices are manufactured as 220 V/50 HZ or 380 HZ according to their types. In the panel there are contactor, termic and W automat circuits and complete automation packedge. Devices proof their quality with CE sign and the products used within are with CE sign and choosed Europian origin. The cooling devices can be choosed according to customer requirements, capacity efficiency by operation circumstances and power within choosing table details. In the tropic units that can be used in very hot enviroment R134A gas is used and condenser and compressors choosen differently. ARES OF USE Mold cooling, Printing house systems, Film, print and pattern systems, Pump calibration devices Laboratory devices Bread factories Electric panel cooling Air Conditioning systems Electrostatic painting systems TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS R 22 / R 502 / R 404A Hermetic compressor Stainless stell plate heat exchanger Mobile package type with wheels Complete epoxy paint Quiet and untrembled operation Digital control panel Fault and operation detection Fuse - contactor - thermic Low and high pressurer protector Filter - Drayer - Selonoid valve Observation glass - expansion valve High COP value Pump with mechanical gasket Galvanised Water reserv storage Water regulator and lock Economical price and operation Operation and installation convenience